What Do Your Customers Like About You?

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I (Emily Jayne) have been working on a project over the past few months to gather case studies and testimonials from Creative Shift’s clients – the main objective of the exercise was to start to gather materiel and content for our ‘Who You Are’ area of the site so that future clients could easily find our more about what Creative Shift do and how we could work with their company, but also of course, the project has had the other very useful benefit of being able to gather feedback about how we have worked with clients in the past, and what they value about us as a company.

During a team meeting last week we started chatting about brands (our meetings do occasionally veer off on a tangent, but invariably these are some of the most useful conversations!), and why we trust or give authority to the brands that we do – why do we value them?(and you can read another recent post about why we may spend more with them here).

This lead us to talk about why our clients value us, and during my conversations with past clients there have been some common threads:

  1. A lack of ‘rubbish’ (although another word was more commonly used here!) – Creative Shift give it to you straight, we tell it like it is with none of the usual ‘consultancy weasel words’ or ‘management speak’
  2. We listen – and really listen to what our clients tell us, meaning that we can very often deal with the real problem, rather than what they initially tell us the problem is – very often clients come to us with symptoms, rather than root causes of their issues.
  3. A creative approach – the intelligent activities and improbable connections that we use are often a little surprising to our clients at first, but they invariably push them out of their comfort zone and towards new conclusions.
  4. Trust – all of the people I spoke to enjoyed to feeling of trust that Creative Shift engendered – the feeling that we were ‘on side’.
  5. Providing an immediate, and long term impact – whether it was coaching, board retreats or public speaking training, clients felt that they had things they could action straight away that made a difference, but also greater changes to make going forward.

It’s very easy to make assumptions about why your clients work with you – your price, your content, your product, but it is so worth actually talking to them and finding out what they really value about you – these are your USPs, and you can make sure that you work on them, and make sure you make future clients aware of them!

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