The Gift of Hindsight – What Do You Wish You Had Known?

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They say that hindsight is a wonderful thing, and looking back over our lives here in the Creative Shift office, we’d have to agree. We’re not saying that our lives are full of regret, but if you could give your 20 year old self some advice, wouldn’t you?

You may have noticed if you follow us on twitter that every day in March we’ve been tweeting a little nugget of wisdom in the form of our latest #hashtag campaign, following up on the success of #creativeresolutions in January and #LOVEFebruary. We’ve been asking ourselves the question “What do we wish that we had known when we were twenty?” and tweeting the answers with the hashtag #wishihadknown .

So far we’ve spoken about wishing we’d known that ‘grown ups’ don’t have all the answers, that money doesn’t necessarily make the world go round, and that confidence doesn’t suddenly appear like magic, but rather is a skill that can be learned and developed.

Our aims here are twofold; firstly any youngsters who follow us may hopefully spot these tweets and maybe stop worrying quite so much about where their life is going, and also that the rest of us who are maybe a little further away from being twenty can reflect upon our lives now, how far we’ve come, and how far we can still go with our lives and careers over the next ten, twenty, thirty years and more. It’s really interesting how asking yourself this question can reveal insights into how you feel about your life and career now. Sometimes it really is good to take a step back and look at the big picture.

So, we ask you to also ask yourself, what do you wish you had known? Tweet us your answer @mycreativeshift tagged #wishihadknown and we’ll retweet all of our favourites, and include them in our summary at the end of the month, and hopefully we can all share the gift of hindsight one day at a time!

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