The Energy Project – Six ways to Refuel For the New Business Year

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Earlier in the year we spoke about New Year’s Resolutions and the need to avoid burnout. However, for many of us, the year is just about to end. Yes, for many of us our targets, goals, and results are all measured around the business or financial year of April to April.

In which case, it may be a good idea to ask yourself whether now is the time to start thinking about making new business year resolutions, and how you can refuel your energy for the coming 12 months.

I came across this article in Fast Company – but it came originally from  I’d like simply to cut and paste the entire article but you can click through and read the whole thing here. There are six strategies for energy renewal:

  • Make sufficient sleep a priority
  • Take a renewal break at least every 90 minutes
  • Keep a running list of everything you want or need to do
  • Run up your heart rate or take a nap every afternoon
  • Practice appreciation and savouring
  • Develop a transition ritual between work and home.

Running a business can be exhausting. In the early stages the start-up requires attention on all fronts – sales, marketing, building systems and infrastructure, finance, strategy and planning, possibly staffing and recruitment.  Managing your energy levels allows you to be tenacious.

There’s a lot written about the need for tenacity.  Frankly I didn’t really know what that meant.  Then one day, after a really tough day at work I felt beset by a number of problems:  cash flow issues, pressure from clients and uncertainty. I just wanted to give up.  And that’s when it hit me.  Tenacity means keeping going exactly at the moment that you want to jack it in.  When every nerve and fibre of your being thinks about running away, it’s about finding some shred of support and hope and staying put. With a fresh perspective and support, you can work out what you need to do improve the situation.

Then when you’ve taken a step towards a solution, taking another step – and another until the business is back on track and you’ve put safeguards in place to head off similar problems in the future.

That’s why I thought the six steps listed in the article were so useful:  while sleep, naps, renewal breaks and exercise are about keeping your physical energy at optimal levels, the other two are about your mental energy.  Appreciation and learning to keep your work problems at work so that you can have a haven at home is vital.  All the more so if you work FROM home!  If possible have a dedicated work space that you can shut or hide away:  don’t have your work “lying around” so that you are never away from the “office”.  Subconciously, you will never leave work.

It’s easy to want to work when everything is going well and your business is easy and booming.  The test is when the business is going to hell in a handbasket – or it feels like it is.  Having perspective and energy means that you are more likely to be resourceful about finding people, expertise, skills and answers to your problems.

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