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Following the closure of Creative Shift in March 2016, with the consulting arm of the business moving within Birmingham Hippodrome, this site now operates as an archive for our free business resources and the wealth of information available here on the blog.

Here are some of our most popular posts:

  1. William Ury: Negotiation skills and the walk from ‘no’ to ‘yes’
  2. Drawing on art to develop business skills
  3. Why networking is not sales
  4. Imposter syndrome, and how it can help
  5. The gift of hindsight: What do you wish you had known?
  6. Morning pages
  7. Do you have a personal boardroom?
  8. 4 alternatives to powerpoint for your presentation
  9. Today I have so much to do…
  10. The risk of doing nothing

You can also find information on networking, and mentoring.


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