The 4 Kinds of Knowledge You Need

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Last week Helga attended Julia Hobsbawm‘s networking training. It was an absolutely fantastic experience, rich with content, and it was incredibly interesting to hear another take on the art of networking.

One of the things that stuck out for Helga was Julia’s advice on ‘managing your knowledge dashboard’, she described the 4 types of knowledge that you need:

Specialism – This is your sector specific/ trade knowledge
News and Views – This is your knowledge of current affairs – the thing that is in the room whether you like it or not
You have to have the two above – that’s the above the line.
Below the line you have:
Personal Passion – This gives you another point of connection with people, but many people ignore it in favour of the ‘above the line’ knowledge. Have you forgotten what you are interested in?  It’s worth re-connecting with…
Zeitgeist – What’s going on right now – absorbing the culture. This will likely involve getting out of your media comfort zone –  look at Heat Magazine,  have you watched Al Jazeera?
As a little example of putting this into action, the following day Helga found herself in a hotel in Durham (for the Lumiere festival which we will be blogging about very soon!) and whilst having a coffee instead of picking up her favourite newspaper, was inspired to look elsewhere. Instead, she picked up Wallpaper magazine, and whilst flicking through came across the absolutely fascinating Rolex Global Mentoring scheme – something she wouldn’t have encountered otherwise!
Why not try getting out of your media comfort zone next week, and read a magazine, website or paper that you wouldn’t usually – let us know what you get from it!
There is a fantastic range of resources available at the Editorial Intelligence site if you’d like to know more about the knowledge dashboard concept, and more.

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