Helga Henry, LLM

Director, Creative Shift (formerly Fierce Earth) at Birmingham Hippodrome

“An absolutely dynamic presenter at the top of her game” – Board retreat participant

 “Focus, clarity, direction and challenge. I love the anticipation of each session.”- One-to-one consultancy client

 Fiercely intelligent, pathologically helpful, interested and interesting – Helga is a consultant whose professional approach is powered by the desire to make a practical difference in people’s lives and to enjoy the process of making that difference.

Her approach is based on the many lessons she has learned from her truly diverse range of experiences. Originally a student of French and Drama, her 25 year career has seen her work in the arts in a range of management roles as well as 8 years as a corporate lawyer at Wragge & Co (from 1995 – 2003). Her time as a lawyer also saw her work on secondment at blue chip companies such as British Airways, the RAC, Novartis and BT Fleet.

It is this rich mix of corporate and cultural organisational experience, coupled with a profound commitment to unleashing the talent and potential in people and their businesses, that makes her (and Creative Shift’s) work with companies and individuals so effective.

As well as intellectual rigor and management theory, she brings to her work a high level of empathy and understanding of individual motivation. By discovering and harnessing what drives people to succeed, she unleashes talent in a way that works for them and their businesses.

“What Helga did that most other consultants wouldn’t have, was actually work out what the real problems were, rather than try to tackle what we had told her were the problems…The bottom line is that Creative Shift are able to see what makes people tick, then allow you to harness that and re-focus it in the right direction.” – client testimonial, Artistic Director, DASH