Public speaking: the essential leadership skill

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Public speaking guru Patricia Fripp says that “Outside the privacy of your own home, all speaking is public speaking”. So speaking at meetings, internal and external, networking and building business relationships, even reporting back to boards, steering committees or other stakeholders all present opportunities for you to hone your leadership skills.

In this wider context, your ability to communicate effectively, listen deeply and “tell your story” becomes even more crucial in a bid to serve you or your organisation’s vision. It’s much easier to listen to what is being said if you are not listening to your own fears and anxieties about what it is you’re going to say next and how.

It is often assumed that public speaking skills are required to be a strong charismatic leader in the mould of many politicians. But leadership is less about the ability to rouse a rabble, storm a barn or garner a standing ovation as much as it is about being able to present an argument for your case (in whatever context) crisply and effectively. Thus leadership becomes less about temperament or personality, and more about a learnable set of skills, chief amongst which is presentation.

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