Playing to Your Strengths and Where to Find Them

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creative shift playing to your strengths

the pond at Bore Place – where Helga first encountered work about Strengths

Watching this video on strengths over at Lean In reminded Helga of her first encounter of working with strengths.

Helga become increasingly interested in the notion of “playing to your strengths” as part of developing talent.

“I have done a couple of “personality tests” online to help me discover my strengths.  I bought Tom Rath’s “Strengths Finder 2.0” and did the online test and found the results to be very revealing and helpful.  There’s also a useful and free test called “Signature Strengths” at

This website is run by Penn State University as part of their School of Positive Psychology. Positive psychology started some years ago because psychologists realised that in spite of all their decades of study, the sum of human happiness had not increased. They realised they were spending all their time studying human misery! Positive psychology is the study of what makes people happy. In my experience people struggle to tell you what they can do, what they are good at. They are experts at what they can’t do… It seems there’s an aversion to seeming “big headed”.

But ‘big heads’ have no basis for their claims and you do! Everyone is good at something. Everyone has strengths. If you have a talent – own it, claim it and speak up about it. Some strengths are things you might not think of at first – like being flexible or being curious or persistent, being able to enthuse others or having patience. Identifying your strengths is the first step in creating the conditions where you can deploy those strengths and work to your heart’s content!”

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