Planning Birmingham’s Creative Economy at #creativebrum

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Last week Helga was asked by Creative Birmingham to facilitate a meeting of some of Brum’s leading creatives to discuss the planning of the city’s Creative Economy.

Helga was brought on board as in this situation, it’s a skilled job to ensure both that the event runs to time, but also that people feel heard and represented. Here are some of the things Helga did to ensure a successful dialogue:

  • Helga began the meeting by setting context with a quiz about acronyms – not only was this an icebreaker, but when the conversation that followed was to include many terms and bodies/agencies that the attendees may not have encountered before, it also allowed people to understand the territory.
  • Expanding time for questions when the conversation went well by “trading” other elements – but most importantly asking the room what they wanted to do and giving them a choice. Being flexible in this way meant that both the organisers and the audience were able to get the maximum from the meeting.
  • Re-negotiating the day plan in relation to break-out groups – keeping us all in the room because that seemed to be the most efficient way of getting the information across, and also avoided wasting time moving people about when the agenda was already tight.
  • Finding different ways to feed back info for the other requested information.
  • Finishing on time so that people’s time was respected.

It was an interesting and illuminating meeting – here is our twitter feed from the session for context, but you can find out more information at the GBSLEP site.

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