We are proud to have worked with a wide range of clients to help them achieve real results. Please click on a client, to read a full case study, or see some of our testimonials below.

 Testimonials & Evaluations

Work with Boards

 “An absolutely dynamic presenter at the top of her game” – Board retreat participant

“We are always confident in [Creative Shift’s] ability to deliver beyond expectations.” – Anthony Tattum, MD, Big Cat Group

“In my role as Artistic Director of Birmingham Jazz and Jazz Adviser to Town Hall/Symphony Hall, I have worked with Helga and Creative Shift as consultants over a number of years.  We value her approach: she is incisive and really engages with us and what we are trying to do.  Her questions are astute and really make me think.  She invariably took our responses and make useful intellectual connections to produce logical and powerful advocacy tools.

“There is no doubt that the business plan produced by Creative Shift was the tool that unlocked a major uplift in revenue. Helga’s approach gave me confidence that we were on the right track.  Later she worked with the whole Board in a powerful way that gave all Board members the confidence to articulate their views.  These views informed the vision in a more holistic way and allowed us to make a mission critical decision.  That decision provided the platform that has allowed us to benefit from major strategic partnerships.  With Helga’s help we got the tactics right.” – Tony Dudley-Evans

“I greatly enjoyed the drawing session, it was interesting, fun and challenging, but most of all really made me focus and think in a way that is useful beyond the activity we were doing, but in my day to day work as well. Dean put the group at ease with his relaxed style but managed to remain energetic and interesting to keep us engaged. His understanding of both art and psychology blended well to lead the group through a series of exercises that challenged us physically and mentally and made us look hard at the way we look at things.

After the session I felt notably more relaxed, and was able to look at my physical surroundings with a very different perspective. Since the session I have used some of the exercises in order to relax and focus. I would not hesitate to recommend Creative Shift and this session to busy executives in need of some relaxation techniques, ideas people in need of some techniques for focusing, and teams wishing to find a way to bond.” – Drawing session participant

Presentation Skills

“Before working with Creative Shift I would have made literally every excuse in the book not to do a presentation, but now I am genuinely happy to do them. I’ve been able to host a number of events and seminars, which has meant that the Chief Exec. has been freed up to concentrate on his role rather than having to present in my place” – Bianca Fowler, Design Quality Manager, MADE

“Having been on stage occasionally as a singer I’ve never had difficulty speaking in public but always felt that I ‘got away with it’ and that my speaking skills could be improved which is why I come on the course.


I really enjoyed the day and found it most useful. Helga’s leadership of the course was superb and inspiring. The other participants were great to be with and the day went by all too quickly. I also enjoyed Miguel’s ‘physical preparation for speaking’ leaving me with some exercises that I will probably use forever.


Following the day I know that I shall go into whatever speaking situation I next encounter feeling far more prepared and confident, not a confidence born out of some ‘huffi puffiness’ but through this course being left with a much clearer idea of how to prepare my presentation and with a bucketful of key skills to call on to help me to deliver.” – Presentations Skills course attendee


“Focus, clarity, direction and challenge. I love the anticipation of each session.”- One-to-one consultancy client

“Thank you for genuinely helping me to make a creative shift. You gave me the tools to find my way forward supporting me every step of the way through an extremely difficult and challenging time. You believed in me with a steady constancy throughout the journey but most of all you enabled me to believe in my self again and to reconnect with my spark which had been pushed beneath the surface. You gave me new tools to enable me to move forward, practical tools, realistic tools, inspiring tools, liberating tools and above all you reminded me of the tools I already possessed.

Thank you for your generosity of spirit, for your affirmations and for nurturing me in my creative shift with your creative approach.

If you need to make a creative shift – these are the people to come to.” – TC