Jerry Seinfeld on Fame, Ambition and Success

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Following my latest obsession with watching re-runs of 30 Rock on Amazon Prime – where my interest in Alec Baldwin as an object of desire was *ahem* awakened, I am deeply grateful to Emily Jayne  for alerting me to “Here’s the Thing“, an NPR podcast featuring the talented star.  He interviews performers, writers and policy makers about what makes them tick, and Alec is an entertaining and talented host.

So I was delighted to see that he interviewed another massive hero of mine:  Jerry Seinfeld

I urge you to listen to this podcast:  the whole thing is just great – particularly about working in TV and movies, and talent and determination.  “Who’s working in show business? The people who wanted to more than everyone else.”  Also wonderful is the exchange at 18/19 minutes about how he is not irritated and has no regrets –  “I would never snap at somebody – Never!”

At 32 minutes he speaks about success.  After Seinfeld finished he could have had the world at his feet – churning out TV shows with the rubber stamp of his celebrity.  Jerry was having none of it…he wanted to stay close to what he was, namely a stand-up comedian:   “You want to be on the water  – how do you want to be on the water?  Do you want to be on a yacht or on a surfboard? I want to be on a surfboard.”  It is a masterclass in knowing your strengths, knowing your values and having success on your terms.

Right at the end Jerry talks about Transcendental Meditation– he’s been doing it since 1972…”It cleared up my acne, I had this great energy and focus… and I have been doing it the rest of my life.”  It’s a great conversation!!!  Alec:  “It sounds like it was your pathway to sex” Jerry:  “Isn’t everything?”

Inspired by Jerry’s (and David Lynch‘s ) recommendations – I learned TM at the end of January.  I’ll let you know what I think of it after I’ve done it for a while (so far – I love it!  I haven’t got any acne to clear and it definitely has improved my energy and focus).

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