In the Gallery With Dean: Milton Avery

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Time for those of us of a certain age to get ‘that’ gallery music well and truly stuck in our heads for the day – it’s our In the Gallery feature, where our resident artist, Dean Melbourne, shares art or artists with us that have recently inspired him or struck his notice. Today it’s Milton Avery.

1954 Milton Avery (American artist, 1885-1965) Green Sea

1954 Milton Avery (American artist, 1885-1965) Green Sea

“There is something about Milton Avery’s reduced yet representational paintings that always bring to mind those beautiful moments we have with nature.

Those magic hours where the light seems to flatten and elevate everything from reality to a message.

Often overlooked in favour of the cutting edge Abstract Expressionists, for me Avery will also be just on the right side of abstraction. Sophisticated compositions with a truly identifiable palette. Never shouting, never shocking but always arresting.

Have a few moments with a Milton Avery, your day will be better for it.”


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