How to Network – Our Top 10 Tips

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We are passionate that networking doesn’t have to be the cliché that it has become. Building lasting relationships can add value to your work, business and personal life.

The best news is that networking is a learnable skill and not dependant on your personality.

Here are our top tips :-

1) Map your network. A strong network should contain peers, client, mentors, champions and multipliers. Who do you know in each category?

2) There is no ice to break. (No really!) The other person wants the conversation to go well too.

3) Smalltalk is important. It fulfills a very important social function and a plays a large part in the way we build relationships.

4) Ask “questions with a direction in mind”. Leave people in a better state than you found them.

5) Listen out for “hot words”. What are the key things that people say that give away what they value?

6) Follow up. If you have received a business card that represents permission to contact. So do!

7) Be a broker. A great way to endear yourself to people is to introduce them to someone who they have something in common with.

8) Give value to get value. Value can be something small. “I saw this and thought of you” is a great way to show you have listened.

9) Evaluate how it went. What went well? What went better this time than last time? What do you want to work on next?

10) Celebrate Success. Whatever success looks like for you. How about just not feeling awkward at an event? Finally speaking to someone you have wanted to for a long time? Celebrate your achievement.

photo credit: Martin Pickard

photo credit: Martin Pickard

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