Helga Henry Comments on Growing the Creative Economy in Birmingham Post

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This week Helga had a column in the Birmingham Post commenting on the Growing the Creative Economy event (which we spoke about last week here). Helga says…

helga post column

“Growing the Creative Economy takes place later next week.  I know there are expectations of the event and some of you might be wondering if its worth your time and attention.

Part of the point of the event is to inform people about work done to date.  In a half day there is going to be a real balancing act between presenting enough information to make comment meaningful and time for debate and opinion.

Some people in the audience will  be very action oriented and vocal on the day, others will need time to reflect before speaking.

Part of my job as facilitator of the event is to allow everyone to be heard which is why I have suggested making a “graffiti wall” in the space as well as a  Pledges board.

It is clear that for this to be meaningful it requires dialogue and that the dialogue will need time to breathe.  The pledges are designed to capture longer term contribution and commitment to the process by people pledging to join sub groups or provide information.

It’s only half a day, not a fairy wand. It won’t do everything, but if we make connections and establish dialogue, it’s a start.”


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