Merry Christmas from all at Creative Shift

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Just a quick blog post today to wish all of our clients, collaborators, suppliers, vlog watchers, podcast listeners, and blog readers a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at Creative Shift!

We’ll be closing the office on Christmas Eve, and returning on January 8th. See you all in 2015, and in the meantime, as a Christmas treat here’s a slightly less serious vlog than usual…


Merry Christmas from Creative Shift from Creative Shift on Vimeo.

Creative Shift Half Year Review – December 2014

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Just like that, the festive season is suddenly upon us, and we all find ourselves wondering where the year went!

Following a busy first six months, the latter half of this year has been no less eventful here at Creative Shift. Helga was shortlisted for two prestigious awards, and we celebrated the success of many of our client’s and collaborators. We welcomed Grace to our team, and continued to collaborate with a whole host of Amazing People. Following the success of our Vlogs earlier in the year, we launched the Creative Shift Podcast; we hosted Hello Culture 2014, and Helga celebrated her 50th Birthday with a 26 mile trek, where she learned some interesting lessons!

We have so much planned for the New Year that we can’t wait to usher in 2015, but in the meantime, here are a few of our favourite posts from the 2nd half of 2014:

  1. The Experience Economy in Action
  2. Women on Boards – 3 Years On
  3. 10 Questions When You’re Asked to Give a Presentation (Before You Write Your Speech!)
  4. 7 Times that a Coach Can Really Make a Difference
  5. Bossypants vs Bossy
  6. 4 Key Questions for Your Personal Brand
  7. Finding a Mentor – It’s not a Game of ‘Are You My Mother?’
  8. Tim Harford on the Barriers to Making Productive Mistakes
  9. Box Seat Business School – One Man, Two Guvnors
  10. The Two Pizza Rule
Testimonial – Aston University

Testimonial – Aston University

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“Since working with Creative Shift at Aston Business School, I would say that there has been a definite positive impact in both student engagement (as measured by their own feedback), and in results, year upon year.

Working with Creative Shift is brings a breath of fresh air – Helga does not shy away from challenges, or being challenging, and brings with her a new perspective, one that is different in its creative approach, delivery and content. This difference is what grabs the attention and perspective of the students.

Creative Shift works with me in a genuine partnership, one that I look forward to continuing and developing in the future.”

– Dr. Chris Owen, Aston University

Presentations – More than just Powerpoint!

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If you find yourself leaning on Powerpoint when making presentations, try watching this month’s vlog for some suggestions for some more effective, and memorable tools!

Limitations as Opportunities – The Apprentice Challenge

Limitations as Opportunities – The Apprentice Challenge

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This year has seen Helga once again lecturing at Aston Business school and setting the ‘Apprentice Challenge’.

The challenge sees the students splitting into teams of 5, and with £50 seed money raising as much money as possible for charity over a 24 hour period.  There are some specific rules set around this task which include  the original £50 being returned and not counted in their total, the fundraising actions must take place only within a 24 hour period, and can use only what the students can carry plus a table, they must get appropriate permissions and do nothing that will damage the reputation of the University.

Collaboration – Top Tips from Lara Ratnaraja

Collaboration – Top Tips from Lara Ratnaraja

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Following on from our first post on Collaboration, here are Lara Ratnaraja’s top tips…

1 Identify what it is you want to collaborate on.

Is it whole project, parts of it etc? Recognise there is strength in numbers and between you identify the roles to be played within the project process. Do you have shared objectives and values? You need to negotiate the roles to be played between you. CUE worked as there was shared vision and end objective which all three partners bought into. It’s better to get 1/3 of something than 100% of nothing. I choose who I think I can work with based on the values, skills, expertise and experience. I have a very distinct working style but recognise that is not everyone’s way so compromise, negotiating and valuing your partners is key.

Collaboration – Helga’s Perspective

Collaboration – Helga’s Perspective

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In our work on building effective business relationships, we are keen to stress that Networking is not the same as sales (although it may lead to sales and that is an important reason to – hideous phrase – “go out networking”). We speak about the various elements of your network and who they are. Peers, mentors, clients (and potential clients), multipliers and champions.