Five Things to Look for in Your Customer Service

Five Things to Look for in Your Customer Service

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We all know the adage that ‘the customer is always right’, but how do you & your staff really treat your customers? Here are our top 5 things to look for when training your staff in customer service…

Surging Forward: What Businesspeople can learn from the world of sport

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Coming from Behind in Business from Creative Shift on Vimeo.

We’re coming up to the end of the financial year for many businesses (and the end of Q1 for others) – so what do you do if it doesn’t look like you’re going to meet your targets? In this month’s vlog, Helga talks about what business people can learn from the world of sport, and how these last few weeks can make all the difference.

Conquering Writer’s Block

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Last year, Helga was invited to work with the Executive DBA students at Aston Business School at the regular DBA Colloquium.  This highly acclaimed doctoral programme attracts students from around the world and Helga was invited to share some strategies that might help overcome a universal issue:  writer’s block.

In fact academics is common amongst academics – as this article from the Guardian shows.  And the strategies there – goal setting, creating dedicated blocks of time and social writing – are useful in terms of creating a writing habit.  Helga’s session focussed on the times that writing is hard because inspiration eludes you or you simply feel “dry” – lacking ideas and inspiration.

Here are some of the approaches discussed in the session:

Context:  Habits and rituals

Don’t overlook the need to establish healthy habits and rituals as part of managing your daily well-being.  You can’t be work at your best if you are tired, malnourished, unwell or dehydrated.  So don’t overlook energy strategies, meditation or other rituals such as morning pages as a daily way of ensuring you are in optimal shape, physically and mentally.  Consider these as ways to keep your mind fertile – ready for the work ahead and creativity required.  Working on a PhD thesis ON TOP of your normal workload is demanding and investment in your energy will make the process easier.

Three creative approaches to writer’s block

Have You Ever Thought of Making a “To Don’t” List

Have You Ever Thought of Making a “To Don’t” List

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It’s that time of  year when we talk of New Year resolutions, fresh initiatives and new resolve.  You may have a new calendar, productivity app, notebook and pen – whatever – in which you are studiously making lists, carving out your “big rocks” (Trademark Steven Covey!) or generally apportioning your time.  That’s great – in the past we’ve looked at productivity,  meeting effectiveness and spoken about time management on our podcasts.  We’ve also let you know about Discardia – and this post is inspired by some of that thinking about moving stuff out of your life that doesn’t make it awesome.

This January I invite you to make a different type of To Do list – A “Ditch”, or a “To Don’t” list.  Here’s how:

Public speaking: the essential leadership skill

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Public speaking guru Patricia Fripp says that “Outside the privacy of your own home, all speaking is public speaking”. So speaking at meetings, internal and external, networking and building business relationships, even reporting back to boards, steering committees or other stakeholders all present opportunities for you to hone your leadership skills.

Our Christmas Shopping Suggestions

Our Christmas Shopping Suggestions

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Yes, I know, I know, it’s not even December yet and we’re mentioning the C word, but let’s face it, somewhere near the north pole, Santa is readying himself for the busiest night of the year, and people are fretting about Christmas Shopping (both what to get people, and the idea of going out amongst the hoards of frantic shoppers!)

So, to try and ease the annual shopping stress, may we suggest that you use this festive period to help support Birmingham’s creative economy by sourcing your gifts from one of the city’s multitude of fabulous independents?

Here are a few Christmas Shopping suggestions from some of our favourites…