Another Great Women in European Business Event

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Last year Helga reported back from the Deutsche Bank Women in European Business event, held at the Barbican in London.

You may remember that is where she heard about the 10 top megatrends from David Rowan and Jane McGonagle talked about the gamification of getting better.

This year the theme was Impact: Be the inspiration.  There was a entertaining conversation with Joanna Lumley (which we will talk about later) a panel discussion with some powerful business women (again watch this space) and the keynote speaker was Amy Cuddy.

Helga reports “I haven’t heard of Amy Cuddy and when I heard that she was going to talk about power opposing, I’m afraid my heart sank. It sounded like all of those cheesy US style personality gurus and fakery that I really don’t like.  However I was wrong.

Amy covered much the same topics that you will find in this TED talk that she gave in 2012.  Hey distinction in her work is that rather than go in for the pop psychology of what your body language “says” to other people, she is much more interested in the effect that your body language has on your communication with yourself. “Understanding how this works helps you to feel powerful in the high-stakes situations that typically make you feel powerless”.

Amy’s talk also covers some other themes that we have explored here at Creative Shift:

~We have already talked about the importance of posture in giving a presentation – it’s one of the 5Ps.  Amy’s work shows how good posture can affect your hormone level to promote a great performance.

~ A key part of preparation in giving great presentations involves calming your stress levels (with our secret technique you find out about on our course) and this video again stresses the importance of lowering your cortisol level – The stress hormone.

~ Amy movingly recounts her feelings of inadequacy following a car accident which impaired her IQ levels.  Her thoughts and findings on this clearly resonate with some of our discussions of the imposter syndrome.

The TED talk about is 18 minutes long but well worth watching.  If you are inspired, like us, to try the power posing (dreadful title but there you go!) please let us know your results.

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