5 Ways that You Can Give Value to Get Value

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By now I am sure you are aware of our networking mantra “Give value to get value”. If you are not sure what we mean by that here are some ideas to get you started.
1.   Deliver value in your conversation.  Sometimes having to explain your business to people who don’t know you can force you to think about your business in a new way.  Insightful questions that seek to explore or clarify (rather than intrude or critcise) can be hugely valuable. Cultivate your questioning skills.

2.   Send a book. Be appropriate. Not a rare first edition, but a useful book on a relevant subject dropping into your letterbox is a great way to demonstrate that you heard what people were saying.  Often a cheap paperback costs less than two fancy coffees.

3.  Introduce someone useful:  both in an event itself and afterwards, brokering introductions to help someone else achieve their goals can deliver massive value.  Again, if it’s relevant and judiciously chosen it barely matters whether people follow it up. What matters is that you tried.

4.  Suggest another event or network that people might want to try.  Better still, if it is one that you attend already then offer to go together.   Time to build relationships and network is precious – often eating into your social time.  People are always grateful for intelligence about where to go to meet the sort of people they want to do business with.

5.  Travel tips and recommendations: if in conversation someone mentions a trip (for business or pleasure) that they intend to take (and you know the place) send a recommended activity, venue or  restaurant. A well placed tip can deliver enormous value.

One theme that ties these together is that you need a little thought.  Two specific “spot on” actions a week or a month are better than weekly “spatter gun” emails to everyone you know about everything you do. In giving value to get value think sharp shooter not action hero!

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