5 Tips for Fitting in 5 Face to Face Meetings a Week

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Last week we shared a video of Julia Hobsbawm and her 5 arrows for building your knowledge network.  One of her arrow “tips” was to aim for 5 face-to-face meetings a week.

If that seems like a tall order, here are some ideas to get you started:

1     Look at your diary for the upcoming week.

Where are you going? A product launch, information meeting, brain storm, opening, site visit or networking event?  Who can you bring along?  Clearly you have to pick your slots and respect other people’s business secrets but is there a junior you want to develop from inside the organisation?  The event may seem really routine to you but could be of major interest (and novelty) to contacts you wish to develop.

2     Play the slots

Keith Ferrazzi in his book “Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time” advocates building your network one relationship at a time. Don’t forget – if you work full time you have 15 “slots” a week where you can meet someone – 5 x breakfasts, lunches and afternoon coffees. 20 if you count after-work drinks!

3     Diarise it

Do you have a regular time in your work day or work week that might not be the most productive time for you to be in the office? Post lunch slump? End of week is less profitable because no-one is around? Why not take yourself elsewhere to meet someone and establish it as a routine. As long as you are with people who are part of your network  it will be time well spent.

4    Play tag (on)

If travelling can you tag an extra face-to-face meeting near to where you are?  As a general rulen the further you travel, the more likely someone will take a meeting with you.  Can you co-ordinate to travel back with someone so you can network and get home at the same time?

5     Friendly (and permitted) stalking

It is not unusual now for delegates and attendees to be listed on an event management site or other social media platform. So the next time you are going to a conference or training event can you find out who is going in advance? You could arrange a coffee or meeting in a breakout session.



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